Olympus - The "Big O" in Espresso!

This espresso was made because of all the comments that accumulated over the years about espresso in specialty coffee.

“Its too sour!”

“It’s not STRONG enough!”

“Why does this taste like fruit?!”

We get it!
Sometimes coffee needs to be simple, sweet & just hit the spot when you’re half asleep before, or even after commuting across the city.
The Olympic Stadium in Montreal has been there for a long time.
It’s nickname “The big O” makes many of us Montrealers think of our childhood.

Back then coffee was easy. if it was simple, strong, & everyone was standing around the bar drinking it, you had a winner. Although this isn’t close to a dark Italian or French roast coffee, it’s definitely a on the more developed side of specialty coffee. This coffee goes so well with milk, and without!