Welcome to TURBO!

Well, this is it. We know the blog space is pretty empty up in here right now, but you know how it is...you throw a couch in, a few chairs, a fridge with some vino, a cat blog post...things start to really take shape...


This space is really just for us to share thoughts with you. Coffee theories we may have, our whacky start-up stories, music we discover, ramblings after a few bottles of that sweet fermented grape juice, etc.

It’s a way of keeping in touch with the people that, just like us, want to chat about everything & nothing over a cup of coffee. That’s really where the best conversations start. I mean, Jerry & George always had the best conversations at the coffee shop! If you don’t know that reference, it’s really too bad. It was an amazing time. It was from a time when coffee shops were filled with people talking, laughing, gossiping, breaking up...you know, all that good stuff. Just going to a coffee shop & people watching was entertaining. It’s actually where my love for coffee began. That’s for a whole other post, though.


We won’t always find the time to add things. Sometimes we may add a post you find funny or insightful…..or maybe awful or boring or offensive. GOOD! Let us know! Let’s talk about it!


We’ll bring the coffee ; )



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