The consecration of specialty coffee in Montreal.

Last weekend at the Montreal Science Center the East Coast Coffee Madness (or Montreal Coffee Festival) brought together the entire Canadian specialty coffee industry.

There was a novelty on the menu this year: the doors were open to the general public, wanting to learn more about coffee - already the favorite beverage of Canadians - and discover new roasters. Seen from within, our industry is increasingly like a tight woven community. A new scene that is growing fast, a bit like pre-adolescence.

The risk was great, but so was the reward. No less than 2000 people answered the call, making the event a huge success for the first edition of this version.

As I often said during the day; there was no better place in Canada, or even in North America, during this weekend to drink coffee. Nearly 20 roasters - all of them specialty - reserved for you big surprises. New coffees freshly roasted, freshly arrived from origin, micro-lots special, it even went with a coffee on sale for 50 $ for a dose of 50 grams.

 A firework display of experimentation and flavors.

It was (a bit) like a consecration to see so much action around our tiny industry. But also, a beginning, and why not, a motivation to push further. To continue the battle, which is to educate the population on the importance of responsibly consuming this beverage that animates our mornings.

Not only for the taste - which, like wine, will make you travel and smile - but also to ensure a fair treatment of producing farms all around the planet. And responsible treatment of the latter.

Some huge roasters like to invest dollars in marketing to "tell" stories. We prefer to invest those dollars in these producing families, who work so hard to export their fruit, which we roast every week, for you.

It is therefore an appointment in 2020 at the Montreal Science Center.

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