Joseane Da Silva

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  • Joseane Da Silva

Joseane Da Silva

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Fermière/ Farmer: Joseane Borges Da Silva

Origin / Origine: Lambari, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Altitude: 1350m

Procédé / Process: Anaerobic fermentation

Variété / Varietal: Red & Yellow Catuaï

Notes: chocolate, strawberry, pineapple

The sticker for this coffee was made by a handful of women in coffee, right here in Montreal to pay hommage to the "tour de force" that was & is, Joseane's incredible coffee & contribution to the industry.

Brazil is by and large, a very patriarchal society. The coffee industry there is also very much a “boys club”, as it is in most countries but, Brazil even more so. That’s kinda what drove us to work with Yuki Minami, which is how we also met Marcelo but, yuki being the “godmother” if you will, of all these incredible farms, producers, and processing recipes that hit the mark every time was a driving force for the decision.

This coffee, however, is based in another relationship group made possible by a woman named Gerra. Gerra & I met serendipitously chatting about some Costa Rican producers & now, years later, we have relationship coffees from Brazil that we’re so stoked about, like this one, & a chance this year to go judge on the panel for Forca Café itself!

The coffee is a mix of red and yellow Catuai, anaerobically fermented, to give a super sweet complex cup from arguably my favorite coffee origin. It’s huge chocolatey body & roundness give way to strawberry & pineapple flavors. We got the whole lot, but it’s gonna go fast!


Words from Joseane

Me, Joseane, was living in a small town, and didn´t know the coffee plant yet,until l marry with Fabio Andrieli, my husband in 2004 and also a coffee farmer. My husband came from a traditional coffee farmers Family, 3rd Generation. We started our plantation with about 1,500 coffee trees, and Only 500 trees in Our own land, the other 1,000 plantas were planted on my in-laws land, who assisted us since we started this venture and teached us in the very beginning. I use to work with my husband side by side, in the field and also on the patios, drying our coffees, where my passion with coffee started to flourish and grow. At the same time, our coffee Quality improved too. Even with all the difficulties, with this we bough another small piece of land to plant more coffee and to be more sustainable,
In the beginning, everything were done by hand, it was very hard and difficulty, now, our live improved and become more easy to handle, with a car to pick the coffees to the drying patio, and the fertilizers to the coffee trees. We also have a drying machine, to help us during the raining days, and avoid damages in the raining days. We have 2 kids, Andrey with 16 years old and Andres with 10 years old. They are good boys and like very much to help us with our coffee farm. The biggest share of our production is sold as specialty coffee, and every year, We discover new profiles from this wonderful seed.
We do the anaerobic fermentario to make something special, and now, thanks to God, with all the difficulties, we have about 28,000 coffee trees in Our own Farm

Thank you all!


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