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Robinson Riverra

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Farmer: Robinson Rivera & Bros.

Origin: Piendamo, Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1740 m.a.s.l.

Process: 48hr Anaerobic

Varietals: Castillo

Notes: Cherry liqueur, dark chocolate mousse, pomegranate

Look at those tasting notes! DELICIOSO! Am I right??

I am right. who the heck doesn't think that's going to be awesome on a snow covered morning next to your t.v. fireplace dvd on repeat? That sounds like magic to me cuz using a dvd player is not dated at all & owning the fireplace dvd is not weird at all either.

Another bomb of a coffee, but this time, showcasing the terroir of Cauca & the prowess of Robinson Rivera. Robinson has been a member of ACC(Asociacion de Caficultores del Centro del Cauca por La Paz) for almost 20 years. The guy only grows Castillo, & for such a humble varietal, this farmer really knows how to make it shine. This would also make a very awesome espresso to pair with milk if you enjoy some boozy funky flavours to your espresso. It's a wild ride some would say.


This lot comes from the El Silencio farm, situated at 1700-1850 masl. Only Castillo is cultivated on the 6 hectares of coffee growing area. The producer Robinson Rivera has been growing coffee for 18 years. For five years, he has been part of Asociación de Caficultores del Centro del Cauca por la Paz (ACC) - a non-profit organisation that was created in 2016 in Piendamó, Cauca. Its purpose has always been improving the coffee quality, from cultivation to comercialisation, and by improving these the association aims to have social impact in the region such as reducing poverty and tackling social conflicts. ACC has 77 associates with an average of 1.5 hectares of land that are situated between 1,700 and 2,100 masl.