It is possible to taste our coffees in all the restaurants and cafes that serves  traffic coffee or in one of our monthly events! Find the complete list of places where you can try our coffees, here (link)

We work tirelessly to find the best coffees on the planet: from the most exclusive micro-lots to the most unique palettes of taste that can be discovered. We are obviously looking for grains grown with practices of biodiversity and respect for nature. We are also trying to establish long-term relationships with producing farms or wash stations that give us access to the best grains so we can bring them to you!

To make sure that your coffees are of optimal freshness, we roast all our cafes, several times a week, in our workshop on the southwest of the island of Montreal - the Canadian Roasting Society.

We like to work directly with the producers whenever possible. When direct trade is not possible, we have a network of importers with unparalleled integrity with whom we have built relationships of trust: who know how to find the best coffee beans, and give back a maximum of money to producers.

The freshness of our coffees is essential for us. Our quality control process starts from the moment we buy green coffee in order to offer you the freshest grain possible. We buy the freshest crops possible from our partners. As we roast our coffees every week, we are able to keep an inventory for a few days and keep all the freshness of the taste of the soil of selected grains ensuring that the coffee you deliver each week is the freshest possible.

To make sure you always drink fresh coffee, we roast every Tuesday and we ship your orders every Wednesday.

There is technically no expiry date on roasted coffee. Ideally, the coffees should be consumed between 7 and 30 days from their date of roasting ... up to 3 months of it in order to preserve the freshness and the flavors of the grain. Of course, we recommend buying coffee beans and grinding it on request. Keep in your bags closed, without exposure to light.

Our coffee bags are sold in two size :  300 grams and 5 pounds. For a cup of 250 mL filter coffee, it will take you 15 grams of coffee beans (1:15 ratio). So you have about 20 cups in each 300 gram bag. A single espresso doses usually range from 8 to 10 grams and between 18 and 20 grams for a double dose depending on your equipment.

We are Breville certified ambassadors, you can find their excellent equipment here:

We try to work directly with the producers as much as possible. We always promote fair trade and organic products. When this is the case, you will find a mention on the label of the coffee in question.

Customer service

Unfortunately, we cannot exchange a bag of coffee that has been open already. But we can help you find the best way to brew our grains, and get the magic recipe that will make you smile at the first sip.

Our products are also available at multiple points of sale in Canada: Find the full list here!

Our products are also available at multiple points of sale in Canada: Find the full list here!

You can send an email to our VP of Sales at for more information on traffic Coffee.

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Our bags are 100% recyclable, and we print our stickers on recycled paper with ecological glue. Our shipping bags are also 100% compostable.

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