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Traffic Coffee



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Farmers: 2,000+ growers in the Caldas region

Origin: Anserma wet mill, Caldas, Colombia

Altitude: ~2200m

Process: 40 hour Aerobic/Spontaneous fermentation

Varietal: Castillo, Caturro

Notes: Strawberry, papaya, watermelon


In this new era of coffee, the eyes of those in the specialty/luxury space sometimes glaze over at the sound of "Colombian coffee". Objectively, I get it...It kinda sounds like something your dad would drink but, in reality, Colombia boasts some of the most complex coffees on the planet & whether it's washed, natural, or some other experimental process, the farming & processing pedigree that comes with being in the trade for so many generations shines through.

This coffee comes from our good friend Valentina Duque. We've had many awesome coffees through Valentina and we'll have more to come!

(The design remind you of anything? The last La esperanza bag?)

Could be in the cards this year too ; ) ; ) ; )


Anserma is located in the west of the Caldas department. It is an agricultural centre where the cultivation of coffee occupies an important place. The cooperative started operating in 1967. The members of the cooperative have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in producing and selling coffee, thanks to the support of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Caldas. The cooperative operates in the municipalities of Anserma, Risaralda, San José, Belalcázar and Viterbo. Its main purpose is the sale of coffee and other agricultural products, while it also strives to promote and improve the economic, social, technical and cultural conditions of the members. The cooperative has 2,083 associated coffee growers who cultivate coffee of excellent quality with dedication and passion. In addition to coffee they also grow crops like sugarcane and bananas. With Luis Miguel' arrival as a general manager, the cooperative has sought to incorporate recent technological advances in the processing and to embrace the shift towards specialty coffee production. Temperature-controlled areas have been built in the warehouse for processing the microlots that the producers deliver. The experiments with producing naturally processed lots have also started in a manner that does not pose risks for the producers. 

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