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Traffic Coffee



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Fermière/ Farmer: Rosemeire Guerra

Origin / Origine: Sitio Verde Grande, Lambari, Brazil

Altitude: 1125m

Procédé / Process: Anaerobic fermentation

Variété / Varietal: Yellow Catuaí

Notes: guava blanche, lait aux fraises, chocolat noir / white guava, strawberry milk, dark chocolate

The sticker for this coffee was made by a handful of women in coffee, right here in Montreal to pay hommage to the "tour de force" that was Joseane da Silva's incredible coffee & contribution to the industry. This year the sticker has evolved slightly and now carries the torch to Rosemeire's coffee for the 2023 Forca Café 4th place winner!

Brazil is by and large, a very patriarchal society. The coffee industry there is also very much a “boys club”, as it is in most countries but, Brazil even more so. That’s kinda what drove us to work with Yuki Minami, which is how we also met Marcelo but, yuki being the “godmother” if you will, of all these incredible farms, producers, and processing recipes that hit the mark every time was a driving force for the decision.

These Forca Café coffees however, are based in another relationship group made possible by a woman named Gerra Harrigan. Gerra & I met serendipitously chatting via emaila dn Whatsapp about some Costa Rican producers & now, years later, we have these awesome competition coffees from Brazil that we’re so stoked about, like this one, & a chance this year to go judge on the panel for Forca Café itself!

The coffee is yellow Catuai, anaerobically fermented, to give a crazy complex cup from arguably my favorite coffee origin. It’s got massive body & is super sweet full of ripe white guava and lactic strawberry. This is tied up with an amazingly complex dark chocolate finish. It's such a surprising coffee every sip in, we're not surprised it placed in the top 10.


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