MONEYSHOT Gesha Espresso

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MONEYSHOT Gesha Espresso

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Varietal: Gesha
Farm: La Unión
Vereda: La Cabaña
Municipality: Manizales
Elevation: 1313 masl
Coffee area: 27,63 ha
Hours of fermentation: Extended fermentation natural
Drying process: Natural / Sunlight


The Farmers...

In 2014, Felipe Uribe and Maria Antonia Arango, husband and wife, industrial engineers, both born and raised in the heart of the coffee region, with a profound love for coffee and its traditions, decided to get involved in the specialty coffee business as a way to diversify and improve their farm's income since the traditional coffee business is becoming more complicated and volatile.


The farm...

Our coffees are single origin–estate coffees grown in our farms under very good social and environmental conditions. We believe that people are our most valuable treasure; we protect the local wildlife and take care of the water resources.

 All of our coffees are grown and processed in our two estates, La Union and El Sedan, by farmer’s expert in planting, harvesting and processing coffee. In all our states we strive to have the best environmental, social and production practices in order to offer sustainable top-quality coffee.

 Since 2014 when we decided to enter the specialty coffee business, we have gradually changed the traditional agronomic and post-harvest practices, that had been learned and applied for several years, always seeking to obtain differentiated coffees with exotic cup profiles.

For this reason, we planted new exotic varieties, with little productivity but great potential in quality and we also began to innovate in the fermentation processes with which we have managed to improve our coffees and their consistency in the cup year after year.


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