• Elias & Shady "The Velvets"
  • Elias & Shady "The Velvets"

Elias & Shady "The Velvets"

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Farmers: Elias & Shady Bayter

Origin: Fresno, Tolima, Colombia

Altitude: 1350 m.a.s.l.

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Varietals: Red & Yellow catuaï

Notes: Guava, banana cream pie, cinnamon bun, blue

Inspired by the velvet underground, this sticker now makes a return. There's a banana on it & whether you like bananas or not, you'll probably enjoy this coffee. If you still don't want to try it because you have a phobia of bananas which is aptly called, bananaphobia then I guess there's nothing we can do. We have other great coffees that have nothing to do with bananas.

This anaerobic natural is planted alongside tons of guava trees. Maybe some crazy stuff happens with those guavas interacting with the coffee plants when they're growing... you'll just have to taste the coffee to find out. Banana cream pie, cinnamon buns, guava & the color blue. All things will be delivered with this one. It's another "must-brew" for sure. Taste the blue. Be the blue.

El Vergel

Meet the superstar of El Vergel State – the Red & Yellow Caturra! Nestled in a micro lot right next to our washing station and serenaded by the sweet company of Guava trees, this coffee is the epitome of intense fruity delight. Planted in the years 2016 and 2018, with a whopping 40,000+ plants, this lot is like our canvas for creating magic with larger batches. It's where we let our coffee creativity run wild! 🌟🍒🌳 This coffee has us buzzing with excitement, and it's no wonder – it's one of the most intense and fruity profiles to ever grace our estate. So if you're ready for a taste adventure, this Red & Yellow Caturra is your golden ticket to coffee paradise. ☕✨