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Traffic Coffee

"SUPER SEXE" 🎵Zoubi Zoubizou🎵

"SUPER SEXE" 🎵Zoubi Zoubizou🎵

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Crafted with the juicy GATHAITHI AA Kenyan  & some FUNKY Villalobos Natural Costa Rican!

NOTES: Chocolate covered maraschino cherries & smooth sweet brown butter

This one is for all the lovers out there. It's that time of year again where we should be showing those special people around us how much we love them, in all the ways ; )

Brew this fantastically delicious blend, together, maybe wear something sexy...maybe wear nothing at all! : 0

It's sweet, juicy, floral & pairs well with silky unctuous milk : )

"SUPER SEXE" was a famous, actually the most famous, strip club in Montreal. They had an incredible breakfast buffet among other things. Sadly, ity burned down in what can only be described as a sus AF fire. It was iconic, it was an unofficial landmark for our city, & will forever be missed.

Read about that fire here. There's also a clip of Norm Macdonald (RIP) talking about the famous nightclub

SEX, LOVE, & ROCK N ROLL to all of you lovers out there. We love you.


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