Paulino Teruel LIMITED

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Farmer: Paulino Teruel Pineda

Farm: El Pino

Origin: El Sauce, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Altitude: 1480m

Process: washed

Varietal: parainema

Notes: Green grape, apple, apricot

This coffee was the 1st cup on the second table cupped at origin in 2022. It made an instant impression on us. It was sweet, bright, and full of complexity. We had noted it down and hoped there would be a ton of it but, this lot ended up being just 1 bag. 1 single bag of green coffee. That means that this is a special reserve release that won't be around for long. It's a coffee for anyone craving a crisp clean cup that best represents the incredibly symbiotic relationship that Santa Barbara's terroir has on coffee.


Paulino has been a coffee producer in the community of El Sauce, Santa Barbara for more than 25 years. Hailing from a family of renowned coffee producers in the community, he has dedicated his life to agriculture and coffee. In addition to coffee cultivation, he also dabbles in masonry as a secondary trade, which he is also incredibly skilled at.

His farm is a family affair, with one of his sons assisting him with all activities related to coffee cultivation like clean de weeds, fertilization, disease control, etc. His wife and daughters also lend a hand in the picking of the coffee, so the entire process is done solely by the family.

This is Paulino's second year preparing specialty coffee, thanks to the help of one of his neighbors who explained to him how to process the specialty coffee and connect him with San Vicente, now he is motivated to continue improving his processes to improve the quality.