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Honduras, Copàn (Octopeque)

Honduras, Copàn (Octopeque)

Mountain Coffee!

For this particular coffee we worked with our friend Grant at Mountain Coffee Grant has worked in coffee for quite some time and was the driving force behind BEANSTOCK, an annual gathering of coffee roasters, importers, innovators, & enthusiasts. The guy even put us up at his apartment! He’s super sweet. His coffee’s super sweet. Did we mention he’s from Vancouver? ; ) Sweeeeet.

Selin Resinos

Honduras has always been a favourite for me in terms of coffee’s I’d drink every day. Complexity & so much balance. Full of nice deep sugars, ripe peach, I think the other aspect of this coffee that blew me away is the story of how this farm really went from ramshackle to a legit operation. Selin Resinos & other farmers within this small area work together with Cocafelol Co-op to take leftover pollutants that occur due to coffee processing, ferment them in their own hand built facilities, & turn them into fertilizer! The positive impact on the environment these people have is incredible. A tremendous amount of work is done by them and their families to not only produce amazing coffee, but to return the favour to mother earth by eliminating the pollution that would destroy land & contaminate water otherwise. If you’d like to see more about Cocafelol, visit their website

We’re so proud to work with Selin & Family!

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the big“O” in espresso!


This espresso was made because of all the comments that accumulated over the years about espresso in specialty coffee.

“Its too sour!”

“It’s not STRONG enough!”

“Why does this taste like fruit?!”

We get it! Sometimes coffee needs to be simple, sweet, & just hit the spot when you’re half asleep before, or even after commuting across the city. The Olympic Stadium in Montreal has been there for a long time. It’s nickname “the big O” makes many of us Montrealers think of our childhood. Back then coffee was easy. if it was simple, strong, & everyone was standing around the bar drinking it, you had a winner. Although this isn’t close to a dark Italian or French roast coffee, it’s definitely a on the more developed side of specialty coffee. This coffee goes so well with milk, and without!

Brewing Method: Espresso

Flavour notes: Chocolate cake, Roasted hazelnut, Date square, Rich, Smooth

Mayor  Jean Drapeau  with model of proposed Olympic Stadium

Mayor Jean Drapeau with model of proposed Olympic Stadium





Cette hiver, pour réchauffer tout le monde au Québec!


Fun Coffee.

Farm to Filter.

Here at TCC (traffic coffee club) we believe coffee should be, like many of life's pleasures, FUN! Yes, we have been known to raise a pinky or two while drinking the good stuff but, everyone can agree, exceptional things don't need raised pinkies or white gloves. After all, when you see where all the great things in the world come from, more often than not, it's a humble, selfless, & ingenious place that has no room for snobbery. Whether you just started drinking coffee (We’re astonished how you even make it out of bed!) or you're a seasoned pro (We know you carry a VST everywhere & maybe even a cupping spoon), we're sure we can link you up with a cup of coffee you'll enjoy.  

Coffee People.


Jesse Lewin



Greg Lanctot

CEO & Co-founder