Tripping Daisies espresso

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***Formerly known as Sauvage***

Brazil & Ethiopia

Marcelo Assis & Shantawene Organic Natural


This will be available for a very limited time. We're trying to nail down a source for Natural Ethiopian that can work in this blend. The prices of coffee are wayyyy up, & will continue to rise due to the pandemic & mother nature which has cut crop yields. Just today, the 19th of September 2022, as we write this we have heard that Brazil is down almost 40% which is very dire news for coffee prices.

Please enjoy this while it lasts & remember that we're lucky to have amazing coffees, for now. Take none of it for granted.

Wake up. Smell the flowers, & have a fruit laced spro with just a touch of funk.

We know we made everyone wait quite a while before releasing an adventurous espresso. The thing is, we all need staples. That's why Olympus & Dante came first. Then, came something a little more wild. Tripping Daisies is a much more fruit forward espresso. That doesn't mean it doesn't have body! It's rich like chocolate cake, it has some funky jammy fruits in's delicious.

Bao-chika-waowaow ; )

Alright, we were just trying it out. We won't do that again.