Belle Chicane Espresso

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Origin: Ethiopia, Honduras

Varietals: red/yellow Catuai and Heirlooms

Process: washed

Altitude: 1525-2000 masl

Notes: cocoa, melon and yuzu


We've kept blends to a minimum these days. It's quite a difficult endeavor...making a GOOD blend that you want to drink over and over again. Not to mention the price of the average coffee is now much higher than it's ever been.

We did have a couple coffees that we thought would make a pretty sweet blend. Our goal at Traffic is to find interesting coffees that on their own are amazing, but perhaps often at odds with one another. That dissidence between them however, could create an incredible harmony in the cup that can only be described as delicious ambivalence. In a way, a beautiful disaster.

With that, we present to you, Belle Chicane. Enjoy these 2 wonderfully sweet coffees, each bringing their own flare to the party wrapping you up in a chocolatey, maple-y cup filled with an umami like finish of honeydew & yuzu-like flavours.

Yeah. It's pretty awesome.