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Farmers: Layo Toraga Coop (1814 smallholders)

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Altitude: 2250m

Process: washed

Varietal: 74110

Notes: pomelo, pineberry, caramel

A washed Ethiopian that has some wonderful aromatics and fruit. Pretty classic washed Guji profile overall but we get these really unique mint/thyme notes in there that may sound strange at first but they really MAKE this coffee. If you like delicate Ethiopian coffees that have that classic tea-like silky texture, this is your coffee!

Layo Toraga Co-op

Founded in 1976, the Layo Teraga cooperative provides market access for its smallholder members that would otherwise not have existed in Guji, where prices for coffee have historically been lower than neighboring Gedeo or Sidama zones because of this lack of market access. Located in northern Uraga in the Guji zone, the 1841 smallholder members of the cooperative grow coffee in gardens around their homes in semi-forested environments at staggeringly high elevations of 2342 MASL!!

Under the WHY? behind this co-op is the following;

.To facilitate investments in social and other profitable projects.
.Collecting coffee beans from member farmers and marketing them for a better price.
.To improve and maintain the quality, productivity, and sustainability of coffee production
.Helping cooperative members to gain better value of their coffee beans.

These points, if attained can drastically improve the lives of people in the coop. It's definitely not perfect, but it's a start.