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Dante St. espresso

Dante St. espresso

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In the cup: Dark chocolate, hazelnut, marmelade/Pannetone like finish
Origin: South America + Africa
Process : Natural

This sweet, rich, syrupy espresso is exactly what Nono & Nona will approve of. They’re harsh critics, & rightly so, it’s a tradition to uphold. While our interpretation of Italian roast contains no Robusta because of certain standard requirements we have here, this coffee is pushed to the deep, dark reaches of coffee roasting to give you that bold taste that pairs outstandingly with milk, or as an espresso with your favourite zeppoli!

Dante St. ….what can I say...I smell pizza, I smell cannolis, coffee....I feel like an Italian in my city. When I was a child my best friends parents brought us to Quincallerie Dante (ON DANTE) it was such a polarizing shop, I thought. Guns & Kitchen gear. I was too young to make the distinction between hunting weapons & anything you’d see on COPS. Still, the store was magical to me & remains one of the places I visit every time I’m in Little Italy. That area is full of life, spirit, & that same unidentifiable quality I found so charming all those years ago. You could say this is my tip of the hat to the Italians I grew up with, & the ones that still put up with me today!

Design by Safwan from Imago Tattoo Montreal

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