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Guillermo Lomas Sidra

Guillermo Lomas Sidra

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Farmers: Guillermo Lomas

Origin: Pinchincha, nanegal, Ecuador

Altitude: 1370 m.a.s.l.

Process: washed

Varietal: Sidra

Notes: Rootbeer, caramel apple, croissant



We've had this coffee in the warehouse for a while bag. We just had a tough time with it. This thing has been tricky. Roasting it is tricky, getting it was tricky…there’s almost nothing available at this point because we had to toss some of the test batches out of an already single bag offer. I believe about 100 bags total at this point. This coffee from Ecuador is SUPER sweet & sugary…makes incredible espresso and cold brew for those that are itching for something less fruit forward & heavy on the rich chocolate/caramel apple/spice vibe. This things beautiful. Not everything has to taste like a fruit or wine to be delicious.



Guillermo Lomas has only been growing coffee for 7 years, having previously only grown corn and beans on his farm just outside the town of Nanegal, in the Pinchincha region. Nanegal is only about a two hour drive from Ecuadorean capital Quito, so Guillermo’s cost of production is rather higher than in more rural regions to the south. Guillermo had previously been able to export some of his coffee on the speciality market, but the success he's had in the recent past with new exporters/importers both in terms of the volume he was able to export and the price paid, has convinced him to dedicate himself to coffee.


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