• Olympus



Flavors : Chocolate, almonds, orchard fruit
Origin : Central and South America
Varitété : Mundo novo & Catuai Jaune
Origines : Amérique du sud & centrale
Altitude : ~1300 mètresProcédé : Mie
Procédé : Naturel

This espresso is an awesome everyday option. For those that want a coffee that hugs them like their favourite sweater, this is it. Tons of deep sugars & caramel notes that cut through milk perfectly. 

Olympus was named this way & garners the Olympic Stadium in Montreal for a number of reasons but, we’ll keep it short & simple. One of the biggest icons in Montreal is the stadium...growing up I use to pass it all the time & went to my first sporting event there with my dad. Even though we don’t have our baseball team anymore (The Expos will be back ; ) ) the Olympic stadium remains there, exhibiting the spirit of champions. Getting up every single day, without fail, to train, win, & do it all over again. The “Olympus” is that constant workhorse, ready to perform everyday.


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