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Olympus espresso

Olympus espresso

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The “Olympus” is that constant workhorse, ready to perform everyday. It's an oldschool vibe of big creamy peanut butter, chocolate, & toffee with a small bit of candied orange that accents the syrupy sweet notes. Cuts through milk like gangbusters so you're never drinking...well, just a cup of warm milk : /

This blend is seasonal, as are all of our blends but we try to always keep the origins the same. Fresh Brazil from our favourite microlot projects and some super sweet central & south american coffees that have won our cupping tables each quarter. Is this coffee super funky? NO. It's not supposed to be.

It's about the early 2000's at the beginning of specialty coffee in Montreal. It's your favourite pair of skate shoes. Your favourite Montreal Haunt. Your best friends.

This coffee is about the tried and true & the "always there for you".




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