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Farmers: Centra Cooperativa Indígena del Cauca (Colombie 80%) & Kedemai co-op (20%)

Origin: Colombie & Éthiopie

Altitude: 1900m

Process: Ethyl acetate/washed + Naturel

Varietal: ancestral, Caturra Castillo

Notes: milk duds, blood orange



Kedemai Cooperative (established 2018) is located 25km from Agaro town, and organized under the umbrella of the Kata Muduga Farmers Cooperative Union. Loans from the Cooperative Bank of Oromia and Kata Muduga allowed the 180 founding members of Kedemai to construct a washing station and purchase equipment. Within 2 years the cooperative was able to repay loans in full. Through the Kata Muduga system, 90% of the FOB price goes directly to the cooperative. Farmers (coop members) are paid cash upon delivery of cherry (avg 15 birr/kg in 2019), plus end of season bonus (1.5 birr/kg in 2019), plus member dividends based on coop-wide profit after operations/expenses. Kedemai and Kata Muduga have also donated funds to local school construction.

From the Trilladora Andes Mill

The Centra Cooperativa Indígena del Cauca was founded in 1980 by indigenous producers from Cauca, Colombia. Since 2006, they have worked with Fair Trade–certified coffees to help address income inequality in the area.  The co-op also supports activities such as alternating crops, housing planning and alternative energies.

Membership consists of 2,373 producers from the regions of Toribio, Caldono, Santander de Quilichao, Corinto, Morales and Tambo. The harvest season was from April–July.

At the Trilladora Andes mill, this coffee was machine pulped, fermented for 6 to 8 hours, rinsed and then dried on a patio for 12 hours and in a dryer for 6.