• Ronnie Gabrie ESPRESSO LIMITED




Flavors : Cocoa, freeze-dried strawberry, lavender

Origin : Santa Barbara, Honduras
Variety : Parainema
Altitude : 1450 masl
Process : Anaerobic 

Microlot from producer Ronnie Gabrie's farm Finca Los Colibrí in the Montecillos region of south-west Honduras. This lot was produced as part of a collaborative project with Beneficio San Vincente.

Ronnie Alfredo Gabrie Salles is a small farmer from the community of San Luis Planes, Santa Barbara department. Ronnie's father had a small coffee farm when he was younger but all he did was harvest cherries and sell them onto intermediaries. When he was 15, Ronnie started buying and reselling coffee on his school vacations and in 1983, was subsequently hired by the coffee trading company for whom he still works - starting out as an intern and now working as the marketing manager. Between 1998 and 2006 Ronnie had a coffee farm in Santa Cruz de Yojoa but it didn't go too well, partly due to the low altitude of just 600masl. But in 2014 Ronnie purchased new land and began Finca Los Colibrí after hearing about the growing potential of specialty coffee in his region. Ronnie is also part of the winning farmers from Honduras in relation to the Alliance for Coffee Excellence! We hope to continue working with him for years to come.


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Roasted in Montreal