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Farmers: Diego & Alberto Guardia

Origin / Origine: Carillos Altos, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Altitude: 1400m

Process: Natural

Varietal: Villalobos

Notes: candied orange, butter caramel, rum fruit cake

Vive le Vent D'hiver!

It's that time of year again! The time to drink the very best coffees of the whole year! VLV is made up of this indigenous "villalobos" coffee from Sonora & it hits all the marks for us in terms of holiday feelings. It's not trying to impress all the geeks at coffee expo or reinvent the wheel like some of our out-of-this-world funky coffees. This thing is about feeling & holiday spirit!

With a silky mouthfeel & this chocolatey body filled with candied fruits &  "brandy beans", this is the BEST holiday coffee you've ever had, hands down. It's the 1st snow, the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller center, it's your favorite holiday'll see.

Cuddle up with friends and family next to the fire, your tree, or your screen cuz you don't have a fireplace (housing prices, am I right?!?!) xmas trees are like a bagillion dollars now...& enjoy the coffee! & one another if you like the people you're with ; )



A very small bag from some coffee subscription service landed at the roastery a long while ago. It was a coffee from Sonora. One of the best coffees we've had from the country to date. It took a while to line all the ducks up, as they say, but after some insightful conversations with Diego Guardia, son, co-founder, & heir to Hacienda Sonora, we are happy to continue to share the amazing offers we have chosen together from Costa Ric.

Traffic & Sonora have been planning a bright future between ourselves & we can guarantee that next year, we will be sharing many more efforts like this from Sonora & continuing to showcase the outstanding work Alberto & Diego, along with their amazing team at the farms, are doing in the breathtaking country of Costa Rica.


About The Farm

Hacienda Sonora has always lead in innovation through its various processing methods and plant varietals. The farm has more than 20 varietals in production, the “Villalobos” being one of them, & an indigenous varietal to Costa Rica.

Hacienda Sonora Estate has been in Alberto’s family for more than a Century. In the 1970’s when Alberto took over the farm he began planting the majority of the land with coffee and shortly after it became the main source of income. In 1999 with historical low coffee prices Alberto invested in a Mill to be able to maximize his quality, in order to do so he became a pioneer in very alternative processing techniques such as Honey and Naturals. Also became a living proof of how different varietals could create different level of complexity in the cup. In 2011, Alberto’s son Diego Joined the operation as co-manager. Nowadays, Sonora has more than 20 different varietals of plants in 80 hectares of coffee (+ 20 hectares of forest reserve) and is known to be a welcoming place for coffee lovers.